Conceptualized and created by Zia Nath,
Realms Of Dance™ is inspired from ancient sculpted stories of the Temples of Orissa, and the wild abandon of spinning gypsies of India & Asia. These dances are tales of love suspended in the realms of sensuality and spirituality. 
Expressed as movement translations of ancient sutras and passionate poetry, laced with lyrical music of Indian and Persian origin, the dances create a tapestry of rhythm, mystique and magic.
Dances are performed by Zia in solo, duet or an ensemble, in collaboration with renowned dance exponents and dance schools.


About Zia

(The Artist)

Zia is the originator of
Realms of Dance™ -  A showcase of sacred dances of ancient temples of India and Central Asia.

Zia has been in the practice of this work for more than two decades, presenting and teaching her dances across the country and internationally and continues to learn and be inspired by it on her personal spiritual path.

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