Realms of Dance™ is a presentation of devotional celebration with The Sacred Dances accompanied by soul stirring music & poetry. The Sacred Dances are a merging of diverse dance forms from ancient sacred temples of Egypt, the Middle East and India. Devotional in their quality, the dancers dance their way to divinity.

The Sacred Dances consist of Gurdjieff Movements, Whirling Mandala™ and Odissi Classical.
For the first time, these diverse sacred dance forms have been merged together to create a spectacular imagery of sacred movements.

Every movement is filled with divinity.
The realization of God is at the center of our being.

From this center emerges the dance of celebration, the songs of love and the music of passion. This is Realms of Dance™.



About Zia

(The Artist)

Zia is the originator of Realms of Dance™ a sacred and spectacular presentation of dance forms.

Zia has been involved in these dances since the past 20 years and actively teaches in Mumbai and around the country. Zia has performed the show Realms of Dance™ at several prestigious events and cultural festivals around the country and continues to promote the awareness and appreciation of these ancient sacred dances forms.